Frequently Asked Questions for Parents/Guardians

Is the program safe for my child?

Our professional staff works hard to thoroughly screen every volunteer and to monitor Big and Little friendships regularly. We do, however, advise parents to also interact with the Big to further ensure safety and to always communicate with the child following outings with his/her Big to ensure parental expectations are met. Working in tandem with the parent is a process that helps ensure the most successful match between your child and a qualified volunteer mentor.

Big Brothers Big Sisters aims to make the best match possible based on volunteers we have available. If at any time you as a parent feel uncomfortable with a Big, we will use mediation sessions to see if the match is worth saving. During this mediation, we try to resolve any presented issues. However, if you are still uncomfortable, we will immediately take the necessary actions with our experienced and well-trained staff to intervene and close the match.

Will this cost me anything?

No. Our services are free to you and your child. We do ask that you share the expenses with your child’s Big to ease the financial burden that is incurred when the Big takes your child to places where money is required.

How often will my child meet with their Big?

We request that the Big meet with your child at least two times per month for a minimum of one year. It is up to you, your child, and the Big to decide when the meetings will take place.

Do I get to choose the Big?

Your input is key to our success. However, please note that specific preferences cannot be granted during the selection process. Our Enrollment staff will interview the volunteers, parents, and children involved. From the information gathered in those interviews, a member of the Enrollment team will decide which volunteer is best for your child. We will then discuss the selected volunteer with you and get your permission to proceed with the matching process. The parent ultimately consents to the Big during the selection process.