Be a Buddy

The Buddy Program (School-Based Mentoring)

It may sound obvious, but sometimes the best place to help a child realize their potential is at school. Kids enjoy having their Bigs meet with them there, whether it’s in the classroom or on the playground. And parents know what a positive impact it makes.

Our School-Based Mentoring program is built on partnerships between Dalton, Whitfield, and Murray County community volunteers and Big Brothers Big Sisters NWGA Mtns. Volunteers include high school students, college students, corporate volunteers, and retirees. The goal of these partnerships is creating mentoring friendships between these volunteers and children attending an elementary, middle, or high school of their choice. Each of these volunteers is matched with a youth at one of the participating schools and meets with that youth for an hour once per week at the school.

It’s teacher-approved.

Some of the biggest supporters of our Buddy Program are actually teachers and counselors. They see students come back from their time with their Big filled with confidence, smiling big, ready to learn and eager to succeed.

The key attribute of this school-based approach is that the teacher or counselor is much more engaged in the relationship, providing access (with parent’s permission) to the youth’s academic performance. The mentor supplements and reinforces what’s happening in the school in a collaborative effort to develop the desired personal, social, and academic attributes.

Learning about life.

Although it takes place at schools, our Buddy Program isn’t limited to the classroom. Of course, some Littles do talk with their Bigs about class, or do homework, or read together, but it’s perfectly fine to play a board game, shoot hoops in the gym, or play on the playground. At the end of the day, it’s really all about starting a friendship, providing guidance and inspiring them to reach their potential.

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we have tremendous confidence in our ability to impact children and put them on the right path. But it means even more when an outside study comes to the same conclusion.  Learn more about our Nationwide School-Based Mentoring Study.

Participating Schools:

  • Antioch Elementary
  • Brookwood Elementary
  • Cedar Ridge Elementary
  • Chatsworth Elementary
  • City Park Elementary
  • Coahulla Creek High
  • Cohutta Elementary
  • Coker Elementary
  • Dalton High
  • Dalton Middle
  • Dawnville Elementary
  • Dug Gap Elementary
  • Eastbrook Middle
  • Eastside Elementary
  • Eton Elementary
  • Friendship House
  • Gladden Middle
  • Murray County High
  • New Hope Elementary
  • New Hope Middle
  • North Murray High
  • Northwest High
  • Park Creek Elementary
  • Pleasant Grove Elementary
  • Roan Elementary
  • Southeast High
  • Spring Place Elementary
  • Tunnel Hill Elementary
  • Valley Point Elementary
  • Valley Point Middle
  • Varnell Elementary
  • Westside Elementary
  • Westwood Elementary

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