Something to Talk About

Little Sister, Samantha

She is someone to look up to. A role model. She’s someone who gives me advice. She really helped support me when I felt I really had no one else. She cares about me.

Little Sister, Indiaetta

I love having a Big Sister because she helps me with problems in my life. She takes me places sometimes that I have never been. I love my Big Sister.

Big Sister, Diane

Spending time with my little has become an uplifting part of my week. I have enjoyed watching her experience new activities and the smile that sometimes overwhelms me. The program has enriched my life.

Mother of Little Brother, Pam

The program has meant the world to me. My son learns so much from his Big. Thank you for giving my son such an excellent role model.

Valley Point Elementary Principal, Mr. Parker

The Buddy Program helps our students by providing someone for our students to talk with, to build a relationship. It also helps our students to look to the future. Our students in the program need someone that is non-judgmental and the Big Buddies provide that person. The program has helped our students with their sense of self and has provided them an additional avenue of support that many of our students need.

Little Sister, La’Ryan

I can tell her almost everything and she gives me good advice when I really need it. She always makes me happy when I am feeling sad.

Big Sister, Kris

It has kept me young. It touches my heart to do something with her knowing it is her first time doing an activity or visiting a place. I have been surprised by the strength of the bond that has been established by two complete strangers.

Grandmother of Little Brother, Annette

It seems like his Big Brother is always there when he needs him. I can always depend on him to show him the right way. He has made a fine young man out of my grandson. I owe him so much.

Little Brother, Logan

I enjoy having someone to talk to and all the fun things we do together. I am glad we are matched and he’s in my life.

Antioch Elementary Counselor, Jennifer Schnieder

The Buddy Program has a huge impact on our students. Our students who participate in the program have shown increased motivation in school and increased self-esteem. Prior to participating in the program some o f our students were very withdrawn, would not make eye contact, and showed no motivation for school. Since participating in the Buddy Program, these students have been more excited about school and have put forth more effort in the classroom. They are now making eye contact, are more social, and less withdrawn. Our students are so excited about participating in the program and look forward to seeing their Big Buddies weekly. This program has made a positive impact for our students.

Valley Point Elementary Counselor, Amber Jones

We have so many students at VPE who just desperately need someone to talk to and someone to care about them. Not a week goes by that a student does not come to me and say they cannot wait to see their buddy. I also have an endless number of students ask if they can have a buddy next year too. The administration and teachers at Valley Point Elementary have all been thrilled with the success of the Buddy Program and the change it makes in our students. Most importantly it gives our students something to look forward to and someone to look up to.

Mother of Little Sister, Joyceann

She has a lot of self respect for herself more than she had before. Her Big shows her to work hard and stay focused on things in life and I love that!

Father of Little Sisters, Brad

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Program means a great deal to me. Both of my girls have benefited immensely from their involvement in the last several years and will be better people for it.